Tlog Bopic. :)

In deciding a blog topic (research paper topic), I decided to do something that interests me. I will be discussing the field of study I want to be in and the carreer I hope to eventually attain. I want to help people. I have always wanted to help people.


1. I hate the sight/smell of blood.

2. Needles are scary.

3. I don’t like subjecting myself to an environment where there may be an over-abundance of bodily fluids. Especially if I have to come in contact with them.

So I’m pretty sure that rules out anything in the medical profession- i.e. doctor, dentist, etc.

When I met my sister-in-laws aunt, I wasn’t really thinkin of my future or what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Michelle (my SIL’s aunt) is deaf. She attended a school for deaf girls in Minnesota and that experience has made her very well adjusted to life as a 40 year old deaf woman.

Anyone that knows me knows that I like to talk. I talk all the time, about anything, to anyone. You may say that Michelle is blessed to be deaf (if you know me REALLY well). But Michelle and I became very close when I was in Minnesota, and she continually expressed how much she enjoyed being around me. I never understood why until my brother told me that Michelle liked me because I’m so expressive. “She loves your facial expressions. She knows how you are feeling even when your lips aren’t moving.” The rest of the time I spent there, she told people that I needed to go into aiding the hearing impaired because of my expressive nature.

Once I returned home, I was still trying to decide what to do with my life. None of the options I came up with sounded as perfect for me as something like helping those who are secluded in silence by a handicap. That is when I decided to go into the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders. I will attain the knowlege nessessary to assist stroke victims who can no longer speak, teach the deaf, and understand types of communication disorders.

I think that this is the carreer I’ve been searching for. It lacks needles, blood, and contact with bodily fluids, which is always a plus. 🙂

I think that Communication Sciences and Disorders is a good area of study for students who are good at expressing themselves and want to help people. As I have done reading though, I have found that ethics play a huge part in this field of study. Why? Do they really matter? Of course ethics in any area of study are important- but do they play such a major role in CSD? If they do, why?

Also, while speech-language pathologists and audiologists (the two main disciplines of CSD) help some people in the ‘special population’, could they be doing more? Is there a need for greater knowlege of communication disorders in the mentally handicapped? Is there any way that an increase of knowlege could increase the services that speech-language pathologists and audiologists could offer?

The purpose of this blog is to attain more information about the carreer path I have chosen, ask questions and seek out the answers, and to inform others about this type of career.


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