What is audiology?

“Audiology” is the study of hearing and hearing related disorders. An Audiologist is a “hearing health care professional” who identifies and assesses individuals with auditory (hearing) and/or balance concerns, problems or disorders. (Re)habilitation of hearing loss can be administered by an Audiologist through fitting of hearing aids and/or Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s).”

This is one of the main disciplines in my program of study.

But where can you find an audiologist? According to the American Acadamy of Audiology, “audiologists work in private doctors offices, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, public and private schools, universities, rehabilitation or speech and hearing centers, health maintenance organizations and nursing homes. Audiologists work closely with government agencies, practicing physicians and hearing aid manufacturers. Audiologists conduct clinical activities with patients, are involved in hearing research, dispense hearing aids and assistive listening devices and teach at universities and medical schools.”

I believe that audiologists can be found everywhere, and their study is very important. I believe that they are the primary hope for those with any sort of hearing problem.


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