Technological Advances

In late 2007, the company “Speech Remedy” released a comprehensive speech-language cognative rehabilitation kit for adults. This advance is to solve the frustration of SLP’s due to lack of current applicable teaching materials for those over the age of 16. The kit can help people who sustain a stroke, traumatic brain injury, cranial recession, brain tumors. It can also help those with degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, and dementia. The best outlook in the program so far says that it may also be useful to high school aged children with developmental disabilities.

“The kit targets five major areas of cognition: 1) orientation; 2) attention and scanning; 3) memory; 4) receptive and expressive language; 5) reasoning and problem solving. Research shows that with early intervention, speech-language-cognitive rehabilitation can substantially help people achieve their best possible long-term outcomes.

Speech Remedy products incorporate a multi-sensory (auditory, visual and tactile) approach which is generally recognized as the most effective treatment therapy for learning difficulties. ”


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