What Kinds of Ethical Problems?

During a study of ethics in SLP in Sydney, Australia, there were some interesting findings. Because of the lack of understanding provided to them in school about ethics, recent CSD graduates find themselves questioning the ethical practices in their institutes and with their patients.

“In health care dilemmas may arise as a professional considers ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in the context of caring for an individual, a carer and the community… Ethical dilemmas identified by participants from different work settings incorporated a range of ethical principles. Issues surrounding roles, responsibilities and boundaries were often complicating factors in participants’ ethical stories. There were specific ethical dilemmas associated with new graduates working in hospitals (potential harm to patients versus patients’ right to make treatment decisions) and community health settings (fairness versus benefit to individual clients during case management decisions).”


Because they lack in ethical knowlege, it becomes even more difficult to decide what to do on an already very delicate scale. How do you decide between what could help a patient overall, and what is unethical?


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